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Inergetix-CoRe with the Acupuncture Remedy Trays offers the benefits of the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) both to users who are trained in TCM and to those who are not. There are great advantages to being able to balance the acupuncture meridians with Inergetix-CoRe instead of using needles. One main advantage is that areas which are contraindicated or extremely sensitive (e.g. the eyes) can be effectively balanced. Another advantage is that a greater number of acupuncture points than could be comfortably needled at one time can be treated in one Inergetix-CoRe session.

The meridian system of the human body exists at a level which is more subtle than our physical body yet is less subtle than our emotions or thoughts. Since they are the interface between these aspects of our being, balancing the meridians has a profound healing effect. Each of the acupuncture points has an informational and energetic aspect to them. For example, if the result of an analysis shows the acupuncture point Lung 1 (Zhong Fu) to have a high resonance that could indicate a connection to the lung organ itself,  the immune system (the function of the lungs is associated with our defensive energy or the immune system in TCM), to the emotion of grief, the color white, the direction West, the autumn season, the acrid taste, dryness, the sound of wailing (the associations according to the 5 Element Theory) or to the client’s income taxes (“Zhong Fu” means Central Treasury, referring to its function of collecting the qi/energy from the organs of the body much like the Treasury of our government collects taxes.)! Informational balancing can be achieved simply by broadcasting this acupuncture point to the client. To energetically balance this point, another analysis can be run with the treatment aim as “Balance acupuncture point Lung 1 (Zhong Fu)” then using the Biofeedback or Bioresonance functions with the appropriate hardware in the Frequency mode.

Inergetix-CoRe System for the non-TCM Practitioner

For those who are new to this modality and for those who have some familiarity with the principles of TCM, by doing analyses with the Acupuncture Remedy Trays one can learn much about the client and understand how different conditions manifest through the meridians. The Acupuncture Remedy Trays can be used to immediately and safely balance the acupuncture meridians (with respect to the conditions entered as the treatment aim) and also to educate oneself in the process by starting to make connections with the symptoms. This does not replace the training and experience of a licensed TCM practitioner who would be able to understand how the results of the analyses relate to different aspects of their physical, emotional and mental health. Inergetix-CoRe sessions would be an excellent way to balance the meridians between appointments with a practitioner.

The Chinese Herb Trays which are included in the package with the Acupuncture Trays can also be used safely by all for informational and energetic balancing with Inergetix-CoRe. The herbs themselves should not be consumed without a consultation with a licensed TCM practitioner as the herbs can have a high resonance on an informational level but may not needed or could actually be harmful if consumed. One example is a woman who had been slowly gaining weight since childhood and had become 70 lbs overweight. An analysis using the Emotions Tray led to the insight about a decision she had made as a child to not outshine her sister. The sister was glamorous, svelte and wore beautiful clothes while the client stayed in the background and gained weight. When she was analyzed for Chinese herbs to help lose weight, the highest resonance went to a herbal formula called “Dang Gui Yin Zi” which is used for skin conditions, especially dry skin. The client did not have any skin conditions so did not need to ingest this herbal formula. What she needed was the information of the herbal formula which is often translated as “Nourish the Surface” – what she needed was the concept of nourishing her appearance and self-image.

Inergetix-CoRe System for the TCM Practitioner

The Inergetix-CoRe System with the Acupuncture Remedy Trays can be a tremendous tool for the TCM practitioner to assist in both aspects of their practice: acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. For acupuncture, Inergetix-CoRe can be used to not only select the most resonant acupuncture points for the patient for a particular treatment but also offers several ways of balancing the points on levels that needling alone could not achieve. For the Chinese herbal medicine aspect, Inergetix-CoRe can shorten the time that is often needed to get just the right ingredients of the formula in just the right proportions at just the right dosage for the patients’ condition. Inergetix-CoRe also offers the ability to transmit the informational benefit of particular herbs without the patient having to ingest the herbs physically. This refines the herbal aspect of the practice so that only the herbs which are needed for the biochemical level are ingested.

TCM  practitioners can incorporate Inergetix-CoRe into their practice to the degree that they and their patients are comfortable. First, it can be used solely as a diagnostic aid. The patients’ symptoms are entered and analyzed using the Acupuncture Remedy Trays. It will be up to the practitioner to distinguish which acupuncture points are to be needled and which points have resonance due to informational connections. The patient does not even need to know at this point that Inergetix-CoRe is being used as a tool for point selection. Most practitioners consult their reference books or computerized repertories – Inergetix-CoRe is a much more sophisticated and customized tool which actually matches the specific patient with the acupuncture points most resonant for this particular treatment. It can reveal points which are not usually indicated for the condition being treated yet for some reason need to be balanced for this patient. The informational connection of the points which are not needled can provide great insight leading to healing on other levels. These extra points could make a huge difference in the effectiveness of the treatment. Analyses can also be done with the “TCM Treatment Tray” which will help with the Differential Diagnosis according to the Eight Principles and Zang Fu Organ System. This is useful when there are two diagnoses which you are considering. Perhaps Inergetix-CoRe can be likened to having at your bidding, the sage counsel of a master acupuncturist who has perception beyond the normal to determine the best treatment plan.

The next level on which Inergetix-CoRe can be integrated into your practice would be by doing informational balancing of the acupuncture points combined with traditional needling. The patient would have to be advised and educated about the Inergetix-CoRe technology for this addition to the treatment. When both the practitioner and patient are comfortable using the Inergetix-CoRe System as part of the treatment, the energetic balancing of the meridians can be done with the sound, light and electromagnetic frequencies either before or after needling. Patients who are willing can have a session using no needles at all – they receive informational and energetic balancing of their acupuncture meridians using all the features of the Inergetix-CoRe System. Those who are sensitive can feel the movement of qi/energy in their meridians from these sessions and often report balancing and well-being on higher levels than with session from needles alone. For the patients who are afraid of or do not like needles, they are glad to be able to enjoy the benefits of acupuncture without having to get stuck with needles.

The Inergetix-CoRe System can greatly enhance the practice of TCM by shortening the time needed to diagnose, revealing connections to acupuncture points and herbs not usually indicated for the condition thus helping to select a comprehensive treatment plan, and by offering different ways and levels of balancing the acupuncture meridians. These benefits broaden the effectiveness of the treatment. The range of people who can receive sessions is also broadened to people who either can not or do not want to be needled and, since the informational balancing can be done at a distance, even to people who can not come to your office. The information of the acupuncture points and herbs can also be imprinted into water, pills or body care products to be given or mailed to patients to extend the benefits of the sessions.

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