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Pictures of previous Seminars

December 27th 2008 in Abu Dhabi

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Martha Dillman for all the trouble she took to organise this Seminar and also all the people who attended for their interest in Inergetix CoRe and the realm of Informational M;edicine.

January 3rd 2009 in Dubai

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Martha Dillman for all the preparations she made to organise this Seminar. Due to the Palastine situation the Emirat of Dubai ruled that no New Years celebrations would be allowed to be held and other events had to be cancelled as well. No fireworks, no gala-dinners, no music and no alcohol! An economic catastrophy fo the hotel business! Then two days later the ruler of the Emirat Umm Al Quwain passed away! A very popular person. Seven days mourning for the whole country, all government offices closed for three days and calcellation of events again. Although we had already arranged to hold the seminar at the Hilton Dubai Creek some people then cancelled at short notice and we were more or less forced under the circumstances to cancel the seminar. We didn't want to offend anyones feelings! However we hope to hold the seminar at a date in the near future.


Seminars in English are held all over the globe. You can see the seminar plan for upcoming seminars in English here


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