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Inergetix-CoRe Use in Psychology and Life-Coaching

CoRe informational technology is a direct link to your client’s subconscious mind. Even more so, it is a connection to the environment within, which is now understood as the informational field.

It has become obvious, particularly in the last 100 years, that humans are not only moved by the bread they eat, but also by the various forms of energy that were discovered in this last century, e.g., electricity, light, sound, and magnetism, to name just a few. The twenty-first century is the century in which we will discover the importance of the impact of information on human behavior, mind, emotions and general wellness to the same or an even greater degree than the impact of the energies mentioned above.

Recent discoveries indicate that information which influences human life is not only stored in the DNA but that also there is a much vaster memory bank that researchers are now calling the morphogenetic or informational field.

The Inergetix-CoRe system incorporates some of the most advanced technologies available to make it possible to connect to this informational field, derive information from it, and make beneficial informational changes to it.

In fact, most of the work of psychologists and coaches is exactly this – to access information that the client may or may not be aware of, about circumstances and events that may now influence the client’s life, often in an unfavorable way, and to alter this information. We call this a change of attitudes that improves the client’s feeling of integration and wellness.

Often this is a lengthy process as there are many protective layers between a person’s direct awareness and the subconscious or simply hidden layers of information that actually move a person and make him happy or unhappy.

The Inergetix-CoRe System has a special section where thousands of psychological concepts are ordered in categories like trauma, conflict field, negative responses, experiences, associations, possible goals, affirmations and, most importantly, where solutions are stored and can be tested for client-specific resonance patterns.

There is another section only for indicators of factors that influence energy, stress and general wellness, which give an exhaustive overview of factors that influence a client’s overall feeling to a degree that no one could be consciously aware of.

Over and above this, there is also the possibility of informationally doing more of an anatomical brain scan that gives pointers to highly resonant areas of the brain as well as the possibility of doing a very focused informational balancing of these areas.

Also included in the CoRe system is the well-known and proven method of energetic frequency treatment which can be used either with  client-specific  resonant  frequencies determined in real time or with disease-specific frequencies selected from a pre-programmed list that is based on the experience of energy therapists who have provided thousands of indications over many years. An example is shown for depression and headache in the screenshot below.

With our available hardware additions, these frequencies can be applied not only in the well-known electric frequency form, but also as magnetic or light fields of various spectral characteristics based on the research of Dr. Rife.

The customizability of the Inergetix-CoRe System provides you with almost infinite possibilities of personalizing your methods of looking at your clients. You can create an unlimited number of your own remedy trays where you can test any concept that you can put into words, or you can exchange or buy customized trays from other users for coaching and resonance testing of psychological fields.

Besides all these capacities for evaluation offered by the Inergetix-CoRe System, there is also a very effective section for informational balancing where a client’s informational field can be modulated in a beneficial way either directly, during the consultation, or on an ongoing basis via automated balancing with customized information.

Phychological Trauma Evaluation


Stress Indicators


Possible Positive Responses


Posible Goals


Most Resonant Negative Responses


Most Important Subjective Experience


Emotional Stress Solutions


Frequency Treatment for Headache


Informational Brain Scan


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