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Energy Medicine Practice

Alternative healing has become generally equated with Energy Medicine, through the name being given to every modality that does not use allopathic drugs.

This is an overgeneralization that creates a lot of misunderstanding and conflict. For example, any physicist would question that a homeopathic remedy is called Energetic Medicine, as a homeopathic remedy contains no known form of energy that can be measured. Analogous to this, we often hear the expressions, ‘everything is frequency’ or, ‘healing frequencies’. This is a consequence of our modern-day superstition that everything we can observe has to be explained in the terminology of contemporary physics.

Inergetix clarifies this area through its use of new terminology and basic theory. We only call Energy Medicine that which uses one of the known forms of energy, which are mechanical energy, sound, heat, electricity, magnetism and light. Many of the healing modalities so far attributed to Energy Medicine are considered, in this framework, part of Informational Medicine and are used extensively in the Inergetix System but discussed in another section of this website.

Energy can be applied in the different forms mentioned above, and different clients and different diseases are differently suited to each of them. However, there are four main parameters by which oscillating energy can be described: polarity, amplitude, waveform and frequency. All of these parameters have a decided influence on the success or failure of the treatment. Even though energy medicine has been practiced for almost one century, little systematic research has been done in this area and Inergetix has made a decided step in the right direction to improve this situation.

Most applications today, no matter the forms of energy used, are applied as a set of frequencies called programs. What all of these applications are missing is a biofeedback loop that would customize and adjust the frequencies in real time to the current needs of the client. Therefore, one can say that most energy medicine today is, in fact, allopathic as it is based on the misconception that different diseases need standardized different treatment protocols. These do not take into consideration that in general holistic medicine wants to treat a person, not a disease, and actually holistic medicine wants to treat the current state of the person.

Taking this into consideration and improving on it, Inergetix offers three different modes of selecting and applying frequencies of energy.

As you can see in the screenshots below, there is first a Disease Specific Frequencies Mode. This is in fact based on a list of frequencies that practitioners have compiled, based on empirical evidence, for more than one thousand disease indications. A disease can be selected and then the associated frequencies are successively applied. Secondary to this, the therapist has the possibility of selecting parameters like waveform, amplitude, polarity, sweep band, pauses between frequencies, and therapy duration. Already this mode is much more versatile and customizable than pre-programmed traditional magnetic or electric frequency therapy units.

However the real novelty and advances are the following two Inergetix modes.

The first is called Resonant Frequencies Mode and it carries out an informational scan of a selected range of frequencies in selected increments to find the frequencies that are most resonant to the patient and his symptoms. From these, the therapist can choose the highest ranking frequencies for output. Additionally, in this mode, the system determines the informational improvement after each frequency output and is thus giving a valuable indication to the therapist of how to gauge the progress of the therapy.

The second and more advanced of these two modes is the Biofeedback Mode (please see below) which uses a device we call a Hologram Generator. This uses a quantum mechanical process, which is the emission of electrons in a semiconductor coupled with a statistical evaluation of the counts, to determine the most resonant frequencies in real time. To our theoretical understanding, which is now more and more confirmed by empirical evidence, this is the most successful mode of operation as it takes into account momentary changes in the state of the client and is adjusting the frequencies accordingly.

These three modes can be run with the Software Only version as well as the Level One and Two versions. The Software Only version and the Level One version use the sound card of the computer to synthesize frequencies, similar to competing products like the SCIO / QXCI or LIFE systems. However, there are serious limitations in this approach. First, the available frequency spectrum is limited to that of the audible range, which is up to 22,000 Hertz; second the amplitude is limited in its output to a few millivolts, which is not perceptible by most clients nor is it sufficient to drive hardware applications like vibration and light but can only be used for sound and low intensity electric frequency therapy. In the Software Only version, the only available output is sound; for electric frequency therapy, the Level One version is needed.

The Level Two version incorporates an Arbitrary Frequency Generator which allows the production of frequencies up to 2 million Hertz at amplitudes of up to 12 Volts. This is combined with the possibility of generating any conceivable waveform, not only sine or square waves, combined with the two input channels for future additions. This is another novum in energetic medicine, again because in addition to being driven by pre-programmed sets of frequencies, it can also be run in real time by the frequencies that have been determined informationally to be the most resonant.

In addition to all these software and control innovations, Inergetix is working hard to supply an ever-increasing number of hardware additions that can all be connected to the same Interface Unit in order to transform the selected frequencies into different forms of energy such as electromagnetism, electricity, magnetism, vibration, sound and electrostatic energy. In particular, the various forms of light get special attention because experience shows that the most subtle energy is also the most potent. We offer Ultraviolet, Infrared, Laser and most of all our innovative 20-tube plasma light generator that incorporates color therapy.


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