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"OUT OF THE BOX" Bioresonance Product Review

By ABBP (Association For Bioresonance and Biofeedback Practitioners - and published in their Winter 2007 newsletter. bioresonance-device

The Inergetix-CoRe System

Software version 4.0 (A new version is due out very soon)

The configuration tested was the full version including the interface unit, bioresonance unit, holographic image generator, and Rife plasma generator. Current retail price is available by calling Inergetix at (530) 692-9224.

What comes in the box.
All of the above (though the Rife plasma generator was sent separately).

What struck me about the Inergetix-CoRe System when I opened the box, was that the company made all the right choices.

The system came in a very nice sturdy black case for travel. No cheap cardboard here. This is a soft computer case with padding in separate areas. The case has pockets for each of the hand units along with the foot plate interface and bioresonance unit and all the cables. This brings me to the cables themselves, Inergetix-CoRe System uses BNC cables. I do not know how many of you have had to hook up video components like televisions to DVRs and VCRs etc., but I have. In multimedia there are some cables that are kind of idiot proof, and I always prefer them. BNC cables are those kind of cables. For me they are just easy to use. They give you a very satisfied feeling when you hook them up because they twist on easily (you won’t even lose a fingernail) and they make a solid connection. You get that "Yep that's In!" feeling. In addition some of the other biofeedback and bioresonance equipment I have or have tested, either has older connectors (some remind me of the Pleistocene era) or they are sort of flimsy, fall out or are too breakable. The connections used by the Inergetix company for this system made me feel good about the entire manufacturing process. Nothing was just slapped together.

Next, I took out the other elements:
footplate, handhold electrodes, bioresonance and interface units. bioresonance-electrode

The footplate, handhold electrodes and the bioresonance unit are all goldplated. The handholds are ergonomically designed and very comfortable to hold they are solid and heavy feeling.  In addition they are handsome. And since using it with my clients, most comment that they feel great to hold. All of the components are easy to hook up and are well marked. There is a nice picture with the manual that comes on the CD (You can also download the manual from the support website).

Installation was very easy. The software works with a key which prevents piracy. If you have no key you cannot open your software. However, in the future I would love to see them use a key with a soft key option. Products like Reference Works and Mac Repertory use this type of key. It allows you to lock the key to one computer and then take the key out and put it in a safe place. This means you will be less likely to break it by plugging it in and out. I find most USB keys have only a limited life if they are used on a regular basis. Hint I would love to see this added to a future version. After installation of the software you will install the drivers for your hardware and the interface and bioresonance units if you have them and the Hologram Generator.

So what about the ease of use? How quickly can you get up and running?

Well if you spend a bit of time with the manual, which is short, you should be running tests in about 15 minutes. plasma

I had it up and running quickly, and everything worked including the Rife plasma generator. But should you have problems, tech support is very helpful. Drivers within the windows system are always a pain, so if you have any challenges it will likely be the fault of Windows and not the Inergetix-CoRe. But even so, tech support will try to help, which is more than Microsoft would do. Everything was well thought out and there was no scrimping on any of the materials.

Technical works

The Operating system tested well on Windows machines of course and in Mac OS X on Virtual PC7 it works perfectly though a bit slow. See below.

On the new Intel Mac, it works in Boot camp very well - fast!! Parallels has some driver issues with respect to peripherals, so you may want to stick with Boot Camp for now. VM Fusion is an upcoming contender too. But I will report as soon as I see changes.

The programming is clean & does not take up a lot of space on your hard drive. I am not thrilled with Excel which has some limitations ( it is linear and quirky as many Microsoft products are) but I understand in a future version the developers will do away with the Excel components. The Inergetix-CoRe frequency part of the system does require RAM. (You can never have too much RAM anyway.) The Inergetix frequency section runs the plasma generator and the hand sets and foot plates, so don't scrimp on RAM.  The system is relatively easy to customize too. This is something that many bioresonance systems do not offer, or, if they do, it is hard to operate.

With the Inergetix-CoRe System you can build trays of remedies that you use on a regular basis. You can save them for one client or for all of your clients for use every time. This is a great way to create your own protocols for working with it. I would like to see the custom area in colors so you can more easily organize your trays. Perhaps that will be in a future version. But I really like this product - See the ratings below. I only gave it 3 1/2 for software design because I expect some improvement in the new version that will make getting around a little easier. Got to add a little incentive to grow, right?

Hardware design


Software design

3 1/2



Ease of use




Customer service
& Tech Support


Overall Rating

4 out of 4

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